In 2016, TECHSQUBE came blasting onto the enlistment scene during a faltering economy and endured regardless of all chances. Energized by the concentration and aptitude of our enrollment groups, TECHSQUBE reliably conveys top competitors through our demonstrated proactive ability search strategy, with an unequaled longing to meet, yet surpass our customer’s assumptions.

Endeavor ensures effective enrollment for a variety of customers that reach from nearby organizations to Fortune 100 associations, on account of three key, interesting spaces of core interest:

Recruitment Teams

The S3 TECHSQUBE Search System

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Because of our committed staff of scouts, unmatched market insight, and an unquenchable need to fulfill our customers, we prevail with regards to conveying top ability in any field, in any event, for the most particular jobs. We love a test. Also, we love winning much more.

I. RECRUITMENT TEAMS – More Heads Are Better Than One

The Power of Team Work

At TECHSQUBE, its a well known fact: we're cooperative people. Regardless of whether it's joining forces close with our customers to personally comprehend their up-and-comer needs and friends esteems, or working persistently among our own enrollment experts to scour the market for ability, we put the authority of "we" regardless of anything else.

The Focus of a Team Captain

To smooth out the correspondence interaction while we direct our quest for your applicant, we'll put you in contact with a TECHSQUBE Ambassador that will go about as your single resource. This individual will go about as a contact among you and your committed group of specialists and advisors.

We’ll Wear Your Team Colors

We don't assume the liability of addressing your organization gently. While we select ability for your organization, we act as an expansion of your image. All correspondence with any potential up-and-comers will precisely coordinate with your organization's rhythm and values, and the ability we enlist will mirror similar polished methodology and most extreme principles.

II. THE S3 – The STRIVE Search System

1. The Ambassador Visit

In the first place, our Ambassador will meet with you at your office to realize precisely the thing you're searching for in an up-and-comer, and submerge themselves in your organization's way of life. This gives us a firsthand look into what it resembles to work for your organization, and observe the corporate tone and qualities that we will broaden every applicant.

2. The S3 TECSQUBE Search System

At STRIVE, we highly esteem our capacity to offer customers a special exploration framework that runs completely on the crude specialized capacity we have as an enlistment group. Truth be told, we're the solitary enrollment organization in the unexpected space that works inside a group dynamic. By utilizing an assortment of techniques across a committed gathering of centered people, our scientists uncover covered up top ability through an assortment of stages, including a developing data set, set up networks, and a solid online presence.

3. The Screen

When we discover a gathering of likely up-and-comers, we start the first round of meetings via telephone. In this underlying call, we thoroughly look at the up-and-comer's specialized capacities. On the off chance that the individual being screened meets or surpasses a set rundown of necessities, we then, at that point continue on to an in-person meet at our midtown Vancouver workplaces.

4. The Interview

This round of interviews takes a deeper dive into each candidate’s qualifications and assesses the likelihood of them being a cultural fit for your organization. In addition to delving into each candidate’s professional history and personal strengths, TECHSQUBE consultants employ expert interviewing techniques to uncover their genuine professional intentions. If any interviewees are considered suitable candidates, we conduct thorough employment and reference verification, as well as background and credit checks.

5. The presentation

After cautiously surveying The Screening and The Interview cycles of every applicant, we select who we accept to be the best proficient and social fit with your organization. We'll give you a full person profile of every up-and-comer that incorporates:
i) A brief review of applicable individual and expert experience
ii) A preview of their LinkedIn profile.
iii) The applicants wanted compensation
iv) Any extra information you need about an applicant,

6. The Face-to-Face

After you select your ideal up-and-comers from The Presentation, we will facilitate an eye to eye meeting at a commonly advantageous time among you and the competitor. After the meeting, the Ambassador will question the two players to evaluate how the gathering went. Any significant input or warnings that emerge from this conversation with the up-and-comer will be imparted back to you, so you can settle on a totally educated choice.

7. The Close

Subsequent to choosing your star up-and-comer, our Ambassador will work with you to draw up a business contract that mirrors the wellbeing of the two players. Drafting a commonly helpful agreement is a fundamental stage towards getting and holding top level ability..


By the day’s end, our business is about you. In case you’re not fulfilled, our task isn’t finished at this point. That’s all there was to it. From the moment we start working for you, we as a whole are in. To keep up with full perceivability on your authorized necessities and specifications, we offer our administrations to you nonstop. We realize your business doesn’t stop after 5:00pm, so our own will not all things considered. We fulfill your necessities in genuine time.In truth, our obligation agreeable to you reaches out past the enlistment interaction. We TECHSQUBE to fulfill you even subsequent to getting top ability for your business, and keep you educated each progression regarding the way.